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Danny Fontaine, AKA Pitchguy, interviews the masters of the advertising, sales and marketing industries to find out how THEY win business.
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Graham Thomas

The pitch to become British Rail’s advertising agency in 1979 is one of the greatest of all time. It involved an immersive theatrical experience that showed an audience a problem in a completely new light. The story has been told to me many times by many people, but always with a different spin. I decided to find out the truth for myself and tracked down Graham Thomas, who was – in 1979 – an Account Manager for Allen, Brady & Marsh, and played a vital role in this now-legendary pitch. 

Graham Thomas and the pitch for British Rail

Season 1, Episode 25     |    1hr 18m

About Danny Fontaine

Danny Fontaine, AKA Pitchguy, is the go-to-market Creative Director for IBM UK & Ireland. He coaches teams and pitches multi-million-dollar deals to the biggest brands in the world. He is the founder of the Experiential Selling Team at IBM, infusing creativity, sales psychology, behavioural science and immersive experiences.

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