Season 1, Episode 4

Adam Morgan, Executive Creative Director @Adobe, Author, and Podcast Host

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Adam Morgan talks about the battle between emotional-driven creative and data-based selling, dealing with a hostile audience, the formula for creating memories, the (correct) length of headlines, hooking up people to fMRIs to measure their emotions, and doing a front flip off a table in the middle of a pitch.
Jeremy Connell-Waite
I was lucky enough to meet Adam Morgan completely by chance. I’m still not entirely sure why or how I got the email, but I was invited to attend an intimate roundtable with the Exec Creative Director of Adobe, who would be discussing something called The Whlem Scale – a practical tool that helps creatives measure their work/life balance, prevents burnout, and maximises satisfaction and fulfilment.

Me being me, I decided to reach out to Adam afterwards and we began to chat about everything creative; optimum team processes, leveraging neuroscience and psychology, turbocharging idea generation, and geeking out on the kit he uses for his awesome conference call setup (seriously, I’ve never seen a more professional, high-quality Webex/Zoom/Teams configuration).

It soon became clear that Adam is a machine. On top of the day job at Adobe, he’s published a book, Sorry Spock, Emotions Drive Business: Proving the Value of Creative Ideas With Science, which everyone should read, he hosts his own podcast, Real Creative Leadership, he regularly posts the most insightful and compelling articles on Medium, and has been featured in The Creative 100: Adweek’s annual celebration of the most Inspiring minds in marketing, media and culture.

It didn’t take much of a mental leap to invite Adam on to the Pitch Masters Podcast, and the episode is brimming with insights and anecdotes from his own research and experience pitching, and being pitched to. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed doing it!

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