Season 1, Episode 15

Matt Batten, award-winning, international Executive Creative Director

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Matt Batten is an Executive Creative Director in advertising who’s won over 150 awards internationally. In this episode, he talks me through his ten-point plan for pitching, shares how a flawed loyalty programme landed him the Coca-Cola account, and plies me with multiple anecdotes about brilliant, emotional, and hilarious pitches from his career.

Ben Williams

In episode 15 of the Pitch Masters podcast, I talk to the enigmatic Matt Batten. I had the pleasure of working with Matt for a short while in Digital Agency land, and as a young consultant, he’d showed me what it really means to be a Creative Director. This episode is absolutely jam-packed with tangible, pragmatic advice that anyone can immediately put to good use in a pitch situation. He’s seen the highs (landing some of the biggest brand names on the planet) and the lows (working 54 hours straight to hit deadlines) of pitching and has the stories and scars to show for it.

He’s led big-name agencies in Sydney and London to smash growth targets and be recognised in the Top 10 within their markets. He’s won countless competitive new business pitches, including Coca-Cola, Shell, Amazon Prime, Virgin Money, Pringles, and the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. He’s successfully convinced brands to bury money on the internet, hack a competitor’s ads, dupe Google, give away humans, insure moustaches, invent a bio-organic printer’s ink, reprogram a Fitbit to work on a dog, and train horses to dance. 

His sideline ventures have also required his pitching experience. When he co-founded a tech start-up, he pitched their ground-breaking digital platforms to investors and media. As a screenwriter of short and feature films, he has to pitch his concepts and stories to Producers, Directors and Actors. And he’s recently completed his debut fiction novel, which he is now pitching to Literary Agents and Publishers.

And, like most of my guests, he’s just a genuinely ultra-likeable bloke. Matt Batten, you are, without a doubt, a true Pitch Master. You can see more of Matt on his Instagram mr.chicken_films or on his website

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